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You probably have many if not all of these parts laying around your house. Gather up a pickle jar or similar, a soldering iron, a lamp dimmer, some wood screws, nylon tubing, PVC pipe and pipe caps, brass pipe cap and brass bolt, and a piece of plywood. These parts and a couple of tools - saw and drill - are what you need to make your homemade vaporizer.


10' long and 1/2" diameter Nylon Tubingthumbnylontubing

1 Pickle Jar or any jar alikethumbjar

1 Lamp Dimmer thumbdimer

(8) 10x3/4"
Long wood

2 Pieces-Black PVC 3" high & 3" 1/2" diameter

1 piece-Black PVC pipe, 8"-12" long and 4" diameterthumbasepvc

(1) 25-40 watt soldering iron with removable tipsoldering iron

(1) 3/4" brass pipe cap (1) 1/4"x1" brass boltthumbboltandscrew